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Do you want to communicate with your baby before they can talk?

Have fun with your toddler and and help them develop language, speaking and listening skills.

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Thurs 11am – 12pm
– Cambridge Road Methodist Church, Kings Heath Birmingham
Classes in Malvern tbc

You can join any week during the term as there is a different topic each week.

Signing with your child will give them the tools they need to let you know what they want and help reduce frustration. Studies show that signing with your child should also lead to them developing speech at a younger age.

Signs and Sounds is a class for children aged 0 to 5 that includes British Sign Language, singing, playing instruments, signed stories, a signing puppet and lots of fun.

“The class is brilliant! Fun and educational for both parents and children ūüôā I love being able to sign even just my limited amount.” – Beth

parents and babies doing British Sign Language

Signs and Sounds Aims:

To give you signs that you can use to help you communicate with your child
To give you ideas of songs you can sing and sign at home
For you and your child to bond through singing, signing and playing together
For your child to socialise with other children and take part in shared activities
For you to learn something new which can also be used if you want to communicate with a deaf person
To have time to chat to other parents at the end of class
To have fun

“I selfishly love the class as its the perfect level of brain stretch for sleep deprived, baby absorbed new mums! But has positive side effect that the kids enjoy it too. Favourite signs have included ‘bird’, ‘dog’, ‘light, with ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ still being used regularly.
Best bonus of the class – You’ve been an inspirational and generous friend!” – Tallulah

parents and baby doing sign language and music

Visit the other sections of this website to access free videos of songs and stories in sign language. Or you can find even more content on the YouTube channel

parents and toddlers signing and singing with parachute


Cambridge Road Methodist Church (upstairs) Cambridge Road/School Road, Kings Heath, B13 9UE. Please use the side entrance on the Cambridge Road and go up the stairs in front of you. If you have a pushchair you can wheel it down the corridor to your right and park it in the main hall. There is a free car park for the church on the School Road side and also free parking along Cambridge Road.

Cambridge Road Methodist Church photo

Malvern Vale Community Centre Swinyard Road, Malvern, WR14 1GU
There is a large free car park for the community centre in front of the building.

Photo of Malvern Vale Community Centre

“It’s the most wonderful class and Jack and I are going to miss you so much. I’m even trying to change my working days to continue! The hello song makes Jack smile so widely.” – Charlie

Rachel Xerri-Brooks Director of Signs and Sounds Kings Heath Moseley Birmingham¬†“I started running Signs and Sounds classes when my daughter was 9 months old so that I could share the benefits of signing with other parents. My daughter first signed ‘milk’ when she was 11 weeks old and has continued to use signs and speech to help us communicate better and avoid frustration. My daughter’s language skills¬†continue to be well in advance of her age at every assessment we have with health professionals.”

РRachel Xerri-West,  Signs and Sounds Director

I can also offer one-to-one consultations and bespoke birthday party packages at affordable prices. For an example of a sign song performance suitable for birthdays please watch this music video to Let it Go from Frozen.

Please contact me for more information including details of how classes cover the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

I also lead Music Shakers classes for babies and toddlers in Kings Heath and Malvern. We learn songs from a variety of cultures, countries and languages as well as traditional nursery rhymes. We sing, play instruments and dance together and classes are a lot of fun. Classes are currently on Tue in Malvern at 9.30am and Thu in Kings Heath at 9.30am (0-5) and 1pm (babies)
visit the website for further information or http://www.musicshakers.com/

Privacy policy May 2018. Signs and Sounds collects information through the ‘want to know more page’ on our website and reply forms in order to contact people about class dates, prices, news and any changes. The forms are stored securely and the emails are used to contact members about once per term for all members and weekly for people attending classes so they receive the handouts and links to signed videos. The data is not disclosed to any third parties. People may ask what data is held about them, and they can unsubscribe at any time or have their personal data be deleted or changed.

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  1. I think your tutorials on YouTube are amazing I work in a care home with young physically disabled and learning disability as well as early onset dementia and am currently using your tutorials from YouTube for a small choir we are starting thank you I love it x


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